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May 19th, 2017 00:02

Pushing through the Basketball Combine Season. Have completed the NBA, the D-League and now working with NBA Jr and Under Armour on a five city tour with BAMTesting in Atlanta May 20th.
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April 19th, 2017 21:37

Happened on April 19th, 2017

The 2017 Draft Combine Process kicked off last week with the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (PIT). The NBA Rookie Draft Combine is around the corner.

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September 6th, 2016 20:10

BAMTesting is ready to kickoff the fall "ProDay" Testing schedule. First stop is at Rutgers University this Thursday, September 8.
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July 26th, 2016 19:35

Getting ready to kick off 2016 version of Adidas Global. For many future NBA prospects - from around the world, this event is where they get their introduction to standardized athletic testing.

June 29th, 2016 04:14

Last week I spoke with one of our partners MAXSC out of Seattle. We talked training testing etc. In that discussion he showed me a message board that he came across that I really liked.
Here’s what it read:
- Being on time
- Effort
- Work ethic
- Body language
- Energy
- Attitude
- Passion
- Being coachable
- Doing extra work
- Being prepared

All of these are fundamental pieces of being a great athlete, and have nothing to do with skill, size, ability or strength. Athletes can simply CHOOSE to have a good attitude, give a great effort, be on time, do extra work, and so on.
Every coach wants a team full of athletes who do these things well. Improving them will undoubtedly make your team better and increase your chances of playing at the next level.

March 16th, 2016 16:44

Happened on March 16th, 2016

Spring combine season is gearing up. The Portsmouth Invitational Tournament is around the corner (April 11). Evaluation begins for an NBA career. BAM will be there providing performance data.
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October 28th, 2015 15:17

BAMTesting and North Carolina State University complete their College ProDay - Take a look.


September 9th, 2015 19:48

BAMTesting's College Pro-Day series continues at UCLA today. For the 3rd consecutive year BAM and the Bruins have set the standard.

July 17th, 2015 16:59

With Rivals/Under Armour top 100 completed, BAM is on its way to San Antonio for Trinity University's Summer Football Camp - 7/18

June 10th, 2015 17:43

Back in the USA after completing testing for the 4th year at Adidas Eurocamp.(
For the second year, BAM again also tested the Next Generation showcase of future NBA and overseas players.
BAM is Continually growing the world's most comprehensive database of performance parameters for basketball.





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