Basic Athletic Measurement (BAM), the leader in standardized athletic assessment, is ready to expand. We are seeking qualified candidates to become operators. BAM Testing’s unique mix of technology and real world experience provides athletes the ability to measure, compare, and categorize their athletic assessment. BAM quantifies talent identification as well as benchmarking for physical development. Our services and products are used around the world, including at the NBA Draft Combine, Eurocamp, Adidas Nations as well as other high profile events. Demand is growing; events may already be available to you in your area. If you are interested in being a BAM operator we would like to hear from you.

The BAM operator organizes and runs local events providing BAM Testing's standardized assessment protocols. BAM will support the candidate through our centralized marketing and reporting services. The service is applicable to all sports for junior high to collegiate and elite athletes. The revenue projection for the typical operator is between $100 - $135/hour during an event.

To become a BAM operator the candidate must demonstrate the ability to organize and locally market (schools, clubs, etc.) an event. Operators are independent contractors; there are no franchise expenses.

To learn more about the process, please email us.


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