Reliability and Validity





Testing Considerations


In order to utilize effectively the available concept of standardized testing; athletes, coaches, and parents should keep several things in mind.


      Select testing techniques that are reliable and valid



This refers to the consistency, accuracy or repeatability of a test.  If an individual does not change his or her athletic ability then a reliable test, repeated twice will show no difference.  The only variable the test should measure is the one it is designed to. Reliability is important for the following reasons:


o   If or when you repeat the measurement 

o   For performance tests, it’s usually more important than validity 

o   Because you need good reproducibility to monitor small but important changes in individual athletes 

o   It's crucial for researchers


To improve reliability eliminate these factors that contribute to non-reliable tests.

o   Unqualified examiners are used for testing and retesting

o   Change of test protocol

o   The examiner uses poor technique failing to standardize the test and calibrate equipment

o   External factors have not been controlled, such as environmental conditions, methodology, order of tests, or using different equipment


 Further means to ensure reliability.

o   Strict warm-up protocol for all tests

o   Administration of tests that follows a consistent design

o   Accurate timing system

o   Orientation for pre-test preparation – hydration, nutrition, rest, etc.                                   



    This refers to the degree that a test measures what it intends to.  This is usually                               straightforward, a distance run  for example would not be a valid measure for explosive power.                                                                                                                         


o   Select testing, tests, and protocols that are relevant to the sport

o   Tests should be challenging, but not to the point where test termination is effected by excessive body temperature, dehydration, or energy depletion

o   Tests must be conducted in a safe and productive environment

o   Provide valid and appropriate feedback to the athlete in a timely manner







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